Whitefish Hills – Whitefish, MT

Sands Surveying, Inc. provides surveying services for the Whitefish Hills Forest Development.  This project has completed several phases with several more to be completed in the coming years.  The project spans over 2700 acres centered in the Flathead Valley between Whitefish and Kalispell and has been ongoing for the last fifteen years.

The project began with extensive title, deed and corner monumentation research.  The project had old monumentation which required wide search areas, terrain call interpretation and detailed corner monument search and evaluation.  Section breakdowns were completed on nine sections with the re-monumentation of lost or obliterated corners and original stone monuments according to state law.

Sands Surveying, Inc. designed the entire development’s lot layout and road system and has drafted and recorded all current phases to date.  SSI took the project through all the planning stages with the Flathead County Commissioners and City of Whitefish including zone changes, preliminary plat approvals, work sessions and final plat approvals.  SSI worked closely with engineers and other professionals to complete drainage plans and to insure roads were designed to county standards and wetland areas were properly taken care of.

Extensive control work was completed to determine the boundary and provide control for aerial LiDAR data acquisition, orthophotography, construction surveying and setting monumentation.  SSI completed all construction staking of roads, utilities and building sites.